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January 31, 2015

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Harry Reid keeps pressure on Mitt Romney over tax returns


Steve Marcus

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid waits to take questions from reporters after a dedication ceremony for the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System Las Vegas Medical Center in North Las Vegas on Monday, Aug. 6, 2012.

Updated Monday, Aug. 6, 2012 | 5:20 p.m.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at an event held at Sierra Truck Body & Equipment, a North Las Vegas business, Friday, Aug 3, 2012.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at an event held at Sierra Truck Body & Equipment, a North Las Vegas business, Friday, Aug 3, 2012.

Sen. Harry Reid kept up the pressure on Mitt Romney on Monday over the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s refusal to release more of his tax returns.

The Nevada senator has accused Romney of not paying taxes for 10 years, based on information from an unidentified source.

Romney has fiercely denied the claim.

Romney has released his 2010 tax return and estimates for 2011, but some critics, including Reid, are demanding the former Massachusetts governor release more years to provide a fuller picture of his finances.

Despite criticism from Republican Party leaders, some of whom have branded him a “liar,” Reid is sticking to his claim that Romney has avoided paying taxes by parking money overseas in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

During a press conference Monday morning after the dedication of a new Veterans Affairs hospital in North Las Vegas, Reid said Romney could put the controversy to rest by releasing more of his tax returns.

“This whole controversy would end very quickly if he would release his income tax returns like everybody else has done that’s running for president,” Reid said.

Reid made similar statements later in the day at an event near UNLV to announce a new clean energy project near Reno.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke out in support of Reid Monday, saying she believes it’s up to Romney to release his tax returns to prove Reid wrong.

In an email, Romney campaign spokesman Mason Harrison said Reid’s attacks were distracting from the real issues of the campaign.

“This is just another attempt by Barack Obama’s campaign surrogates to distract voters from his failed economic policies, which have yielded 11.6% unemployment in Nevada and devastated small businesses and middle-class communities,” Harrison said. “Given that he has no rationale for re-election and no plan to help middle-class Americans, it’s no surprise President Obama and his allies have resorted to running a campaign of distraction and dishonesty."

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  1. Heretic - The "libs" are doing nothing here, information has been requested even by Romneys own party and he is refusing to provide the information requested. What Romney is doing is wrong, if he is not hiding anything then he shoudl release the returns. We all know that he is hiding something or he would do what every other GOP and Democratic candidate has done in the past.
    This is all fair game in politics, the TEAGOP has heckled President Obama for years about anything and everything, what goes around comes around. Romney hasn't a chance to win the presidency with out transparency. Either way he is toast. That is what happens to those that are less than truthful.

  2. Daydreamer - Who is Reed?

  3. What presidential candidate kept offshore and Swiss accounts? During the Republican campaigns of 2008 and 2012 Romney was highly disliked by John McCain, Mike Huckabee and many other Republicans because of his dishonesty on the campaign trail. Romney will lie, flip-flop and cheat to get what he wants, and that is why Rick Santorum said he was the worst possible candidate to run against Obama. He has no morale core when it comes to politics and voters should ask, "What is Mitt Romney hiding?"

  4. Why don't all of you who want to see Romney's tax returns post your returns for the last 10 years on facebook? He has met the demands of the law, why do you need to see more. There is no possible way that his finances are any where near as crooked as scary Harry. Commendation to Mr. Reid, though - no single person has done more to diminish liberty, destroy the constitution, and rape the great state of Nevada than Sir Harry!!

  5. I think all candidates for any public office should be required to make at least 5 years public . The voting public should push for this . Then the public can make a more informed decision in the voting booth .

  6. Harry Reid is the Honey Badger - he doesn't give a shhh and he takes what he wants.

    Good Job Harry! Put pressure on this twit. If he wants people putting him in charge of the most powerful country in the world - then he better show those taxes.

  7. Romney screwed up. When Newt Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, basically all his opponents in the Republican primary, called on him to release his taxes he produced 1 year. Gingrich stated many times that was not enough. Romney could have produced what his father started, 12 years, but he probably wouldn't be the presumptive nominee.

    Romney gave this story legs by failing to show 12 years and creating an easy logical conclusion that he is hiding something. I mean come on, his own father started the tradition and stated it was easy to manipulate a shorter timeframe. Now Reid has him cornered and he should press the issue all the way to election day.

    Romney could gain a huge press advantage by proving Reid is wrong. We all know Romney has been advised releasing any more would harm his chances at election, not to mention harm his chances of even being nominated at the RNC.

  8. Skeletons in Harry's closet:

  9. I have paid all my taxes, taking only legal deductions, and still paying after that, from the day I started earning income through 2011, and I expect in 2012 as well.

    I never asked for an extension, because I kept all my records straight.

    What is this business of Romney needing to have an extension to August 2012, and why are all those companies he invested in still unable to provide data on their earnings and the investment profits for Romney?

    Why aren't these businesses required to provide the data by the end of January each year, like is required for wages and investment dividend income? I never lacked this information on time.

    He must have an army of accountants to work on his complex taxes, making sure he gets all the deductions, and has all the loopholes covered.

    How many people are not paying taxes on time? How many businesses are not paying taxes on time?

    How many effective IOU's is the government holding for businesses?

    Let's substantially increase the interest rate on the taxes due on extensions, and a penalty if no taxes are due at all, especially on those people or businesses who don't provide the information on time.

    Why is a hobby eligible for a business deduction?

    Something stinks big time.

    How long after August will it take to get only the 2011 tax returns from Romney? We don't have to wait to see the 10 years prior to 2010 that he turned into McCain.

    Romney played the same game in reverse in his run for Governor, so what is fair for Romney is fair for Reid. What goes around, comes around.

    Romney wants our trust! Ha! No way Mr. Romney. Your integrity is very much in question, and rightfully so. He has provided us with one reason after another why we cannot trust him, and it was started off by his fellow Republican's running against him, opening up one can of worms after another. He has told so many lies he can't even remember them so he can avoid telling more.

    Republican's have no defense on this issue, so they can only show unrighteous indignation.

    Even some Republican insiders think he should release more tax returns, including Karl Rove. That says something about the kind of intransigence that defines Romney, and that is just like Bush/Cheney.

    We are not electing another dictator!

    Finally, what is Romney hiding? What is he afraid of if he has done everything legally? Release the returns and get it over with. There are alot of other questions that need to be answered.

    To top all this off is the ABC News story of Romney running errands? I almost fell on the floor laughing at the photo op moment of the "common man" Romney out buying insect repellent, a bucket, corn, and whatever else while blocking in a woman with his Secret Service motorcade. OMG, that was too funny! At least he knows how much it cost? LOL

  10. Why didn't Romney visit Italy on his tour?

    Could it be the shaft the Italian taxpayers received through Bain Capital under Romney?

    A preview of what the US taxpayer can expect if he has the power of the Presidency?

  11. More of why I don't trust Romney and why we need to know more about his taxes, and much more.

    It is about moral integrity, not just paying according the the laws that have been set up to give him all the loopholes and tax advantages that most people don't even know about. The tax laws are obscene, and the People are the victims.

  12. I forgot to add the link to the Boston Globe about the investors in Bain Capital, convicted of fraud in their own activities.

    More reasons to not trust Romney as the President of the U.S.

  13. Nobody commenting here is running for the Presidency.

    Romney's birth date is March 12, 1947, a matter of public record.

    He blacks out the Social Security numbers of he and his wife, including their address, and any other information that would make them vulnerable to identity theft.

    You can verify that by taking a look at his 2010 Tax Return on his website.

    I'm sure all the other Presidential candidates who released their Tax Returns, including Romney's father, did the same.

    Of course, they had nothing to hide.

  14. The Tea/Republican Party is going absolutely bonkers right now. They can't get away from this issue.

    Romney says, please, Senator Reid, leave me alone, I pay taxes, really, I do, trust me, why you picking on me?

    Reid pops him one, blackens his right eye.

    Romney tries to deflect attention away from his taxes. He tries to slam Senator Reid again.

    Reid socks him in the other eye, blackens it.

    Then, last weekend, surrogates and the entire weight of the stupid Tea/Republican Party Shock Troop Propaganda Corps all scramble to perform damage control for Romney.

    BOOF! BOOF! WHACK! WHAM! Senator Reid decimates all of them.

    Where are we at now?

    We're at a point where Senator Reid is scoring knockouts all over the place. The issue is not going away. All attempts to try to change the subject have been called out to be deflections and avoidance.

    The truth of the matter is that Romney, as every day goes by, is certified to be a tax cheat, a fraud, a blowhard, a liar, and a totally flawed candidate. There is no transparency when it deals with Romney. No sense of fair play. He's just a run-of-the-mill rich bastard who could care less for the little people; a willing and able participant in the despicable act of corporate welfare. Get those tax breaks/subsidies, and make all those people, you people over there (Ann Romney dismissively waves her hand idly), the unwashed masses, pay for them, don't you know it's our turn to be in the White House? It's our imperial right. Vote for my husband. And he'll give you...nothing.

    It's to the point that right now, the American people don't want to see Romney's Federal income tax returns for the past six or seven years. They want to see EVERY tax return all the way back to when he was 18 years old. AND they want to see the tax returns for his wife all the way back to when she was 18 years old. AND all five of his sons. AND any pets he has.

    Cough 'em up, Romney. This ain't goin' away.

    Gooooo, Senator Reid! Pop him again. He ain't got nothin'.

  15. Why is Obama still acting like a candidate. He has been president for over three years and he is still telling everyone that If Elected, he has a plan to save the economy and create jobs, why should we have to wait until after we reelect him for him to do something??

  16. I just the love the comments about Pres. Obama's abysmal record. Lest we forget that the Senate repugnants have stopped 90% of all Legislation that would've helped this country, just to make our Pres. look bad.
    Harry I'm so proud of you, doesn't matter if your statement is fact or fiction.

  17. Why Would ANYONE need a SWISS and Caymen Islands Bank Account? Mr Romney First Explain That! Then Every Cabinet Secretary is REQUIRED to produce Five Years of Tax Return. Then Every recent Presidential Candidate has Produced More than that. This has Nothing to do with the Harry Reid or ANY Democrat Haters - They are irrelevant.
    The Issue is Why will Mr Romney NOT produce his taxes (after all - they are done AND Filed) even though he has attacked other candidates in the past, where their spouse would not release theirs. I Smell a Rat - and Mr. Romney is Not a Viable Candidate until Taxes are Released. I suspect if President Obama were White - Mr Romney would be laughed out of the room. Yes, I'm calling a sizeable portion of the Corporate Republican Tea Party - Racist.

  18. Oxymoron for headline. Reid can't pressure anyone outside his party.

  19. Indignation? There must be some relevance to a REQUIREMENT to disclose or do something PRIOR to anyone getting annoyed for noncompliance.

  20. How much tax has Reid wager with deductions is probably somewhere around the 14% that Romney had paid......but since is Harry, that makes it OK......overheard in the Mens room at Caesars.....Reid hasn't paid taxes in 10 years...IMO that is about as credible as the weak position Reid is taking.

  21. Did JFK release 10 years of tax about "Slick Willy"? Maybe I had my head in the sand but was Obama required to release 10 years of tax returns? I think NOT...this is the double standard used to divide the country by the Democrats.

  22. Harry Reid has one of the dirtiest, failed records in the Senate.
    It has been 3 years since Senator Reid has introduced any serious budget resolution choosing instead to fund the American government on one big continuing resolution. Reid is the absolute personification of FAILED GOVERNMENT. He wouldn't bring a budget for an "up or down" vote to the floor because he doesn't want any of the members on his side to have to face the music with their voting record.
    He has lived in a penthouse in Washington with government provided car services, phones and personnel for 25 year -- and over the same period Romney ran successful companies, rebuilt the Olympics from the cronyism that typifies Washington, and has been a successful Governor.

    Honestly, the idea of Harry Reid calling anyone out to show anything about their personal life is enough to make you puke, and as a Nevadan, I think he's a total embarrassment to the Silver State.

    Harry have you ever prepared a tax return? Or did someone in the federal government do that for you?

    And let's not get started too fast on your relationship with Harvey Whittemore....that could take up pages and pages.....

  23. Matthew 19:23-2:
    "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

    There is still hope for Mitt Romney to be a Christian an go to Heaven - all he has to do is prove his devotion to God by following the words of the Bible by releasing his tax returns, thereby proving his is not rich (and pays his FAIR SHARE of taxes).

    Matthew 22:21
    "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" (Jesus)

    Lets see if Mitt gives Caesar his just belongings.

  24. Trying to change the topic by untruths and misinformation won't work.

    The issue is Romney's lack of real transparency. He will only reveal what he wants on his website, but more information is available elsewhere. It still isn't enough, so it is on him to demonstrate he has nothing to hide, and that is is willing to be transparent, rather and secretive.

    His penchant for secrecy is also a question. We can't get any details about his policies either. What he offers is a minimalist outline or a simple agenda.

    In a business meeting, attendees would be waiting to hear the details of the outline.

    On his energy policy, what does he have to say specifically about the dangers to the public by fracking procedures. How will his reduction of regulations protect the public's individual safety and property? How about the issues of eminent domain?

    I believe is like opening the jail cells and letting out the criminals to go for everything they can get, just like Wall St. and the banks.

    Why are voters expected to make a difficult decision on the leadership of the country based on an outline alone?

    This applies to all candidates.

    Without that, we are left to doing alot of research beyond campaign websites. We also have to follow the money. What could be the special interests that would influence a candidate after they are elected.

    Disclosures are important.

    Example: NV has questions about the State Constitution including a special tax benefit for mining. Now with gold prices so high, it seems out of balance. Gold and silver are a non-renewable resource. Once it is gone, that is it. The companies move on and we are left with nothing. Plus, we didn't benefit as a state to the degree that we could have during the mining process.

    Disclosures of Ron Paul shows he is heavily invested in mining corporations. If NV wanted to change the special tax advantage of mining corporations operating here, do you think Ron Paul supporters would be behind the effort? Or would they take their lead from their candidate who is heavily invested in the the mining corporations profits?

    This is one example of something that specifically effects NV. There are any number of reasons why disclosures are important considerations for voters.

    Romney's taxes may reveal other important concerns that are unrelated to his wealth.

    Wealth alone is not the significant issue for me, it is the connections of how it is obtained, from whom, and how does that influence the candidates positions over the common good of the country.

  25. Secret campaign donations, secret tax returns - "Trust me, I give to my church".

    This is the beginning to a 10 year war in Iran that creates billionaires from no-bid contracts and bankruptcy for the US Government...then Romney and associates take your Social Security and Medicare away to pay for the war.

  26. Using lawyer Harry Reids adverse inference rules and tactics one could also apply adverse inference from Obama's secrecy concerning his college/travel records. So both President Obama and Mitt Romney should release all tax returns and School/travel records so Americans can review and make informed decisions rather than from hearsay and driveby character assassinations.