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January 31, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Walker could hold key for Romney

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election win has started a new fiscal policy that will have a great effect on President Barack Obama’s re-election.

There is an excellent possibility that Wisconsin will give the GOP an additional 10 electoral votes, which could be the knockout punch for Mitt Romney to win.

The union strategy has backfired, and now governors will no longer be held hostage to unions for their political contributions to vote for their hand-picked candidates to sway elections.

This is a great day for America; now we can lower the deficits in each statehouse and put America back on track to becoming the great nation it was during the Reagan years.

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  1. I agree with the letter writer and have said the same here on many occasions. President Obama criss crossed Wisconsin several times immediately before the Wisconsin recall election. He never stopped to campaign for Mayor Tom Barret. Tweeted! The DNC only forked over $500K toward Barrett's election in the final week. Not even chump change. How can President Obama go back to Wisconsin and ask for Dems and unions to vote for him in Nov 2012 after he deserted in battle? Takes chutzpah. Even if he does, doesn't mean Wisconsins will. Clinton would have gone, come what may. We see fissures between Obama and Clinton now. The two most famous Dems in the country.

    Other swing states in play: Nevada, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.


  2. I agree with this letter. The wild fire of refomations is slashing both state and municipal cost burdens across the nation. In California, San Diego and San Jose recently both won major elections where voters( 60% in San Diego and 70% in San Jose)have consented to reducing the cost of local government.Public Labor unions will increasingly now lose their power to overwhelm state and local governments with their oppressive pay and benefit costs.

  3. "The union strategy has backfired, and now governors will no longer be held hostage to unions for their political contributions to vote for their hand-picked candidates to sway elections."

    No, they can be held hostage solely by business interests instead. If you like the current recession, you'll love the ones that are coming.

  4. Jim,

    We are doomed as a nation if we don't start to understand the 'entire' problem we face.

    Public sector unions are a problem because they negotiate salaries and benefits with elected officals who grant them what they want because when they do they get support to be re-elected. It's a corrupt system and Walker was right to go after that.

    But you are correct that business and other interests groups also offer support to elected officals who craft and vote for legislation they want. Just today it has come to light that in secret negotiations for the ACA the big pharma lobby got President Obama to kill legislation that woukd have allowed Medicare to negotiate on drug prices and be able to import drug from other nations where they are sold less expensively by US manufacturers. For this, big Pharma offered their money and support for the ACA.

    But instead of fighting for a corrupt public sector union system to 'balance' the corporate 'lobbying', Americans must rally against both. We need to insist that this incestuous relationship between powerful interests, be they unions, business or other powerful players and 'our' representatives STOP.

    I'm not sure how to stop it, but it must be stopped in all areas.


  5. But are our "representatives" listening? If they can't balance a federal budget, insist they balance spending to revenues--eliminating new deficits.

  6. The Governor (Walker) showed class under fire. Leadership. He admitted some shortcomings and stood tall. Wish we had more who could.... Compare that to what's his name, FORMER governor of Illinois selling a Senate seat, now incarcerated. The former-Governor Romney seems more like the former, not the later. Let's not fall for any more politicians promising miracles--it will hurt to fix things, in the short run, but feel great after it's done.

  7. Wisconsin only proved that American democracy is being sold to the highest bidder due to the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United. From here on in, and I mean long after this election cycle, things will get worse regardless of who wins. With single donors handing over millions to candidates one needs to ask what they will want in return.

    "The Guilded Age"

    We as a nation have a terrible habit of repeating history.

  8. Vernos appears to believe that the 'only' reason Walker defeated the recall was money. Sorry, but while money I am sure was a factor, so was:

    The fact that compensation and benefits for government workers was way out of line compared to the private sector.

    The fact that the costs of the public sector workers was so high that either cut in services or higher taxes were the only remedies available unless these costs were reduced.


  9. Lastthrows,

    Reagan was no saint and did not balance the budget but that doesn't change the fact that public sector unions negotiating salaries and benefits with elected officials who they then support at election time is a 'corrupt' system that must be changed.

    Do you disagree?


  10. I was one of those 10s of 1,000s who contributed small amounts to Scott Walker and was happy as a pig in mud he soundly defeated Barrett. A new day has dawned when the crazies in Madison, WI (aka "the Berkely of the Midwest") were beaten and beaten badly. In my 50 years of residency in the Badger State, I saw them taking the state down the toilet as they pampered the lazy, parasitic class; defended the criminals; wasted the states resources; and were approving of lifestyles that were dirty, disgusting, dangerous & deadly. Finally, I had enough of them and their sick agenda and voted with my feet. I relocated to NV. As I see it, WI is finally on the mend. Good for them.

  11. Michael,

    I agree it doesn't look promising if our total approach to our problems is a willingness to point out others to solve our problems. I keep having flashbacks to a Republican debate last year when none of the cadidates, including the likely nominee, would accept $1 in revenue increases for $10 in spending reductions.

    Kinda reminds me of the guy who was standing on the port side of a sinking ship insisting everything would be OK because the hole was on the starboard side.

  12. Jim,

    I did not appreciate that moment either. I think all the candidates were playing to a part of their party that believes our entire debt and deficit problems can be solved without tax increases and entirely with cuts in government spending. I do not share that view and I hope if Romney is elected, he won't share it either.

    However, that position is no worse than having the other side claim that with precious few spending cuts, no changes to Medicare and SS and increased taxes on the wealthy and businesses, the debt and deficit problems can be resolved.

    Both claims are false and it amazes and saddens me that so few Americans are willing to see it and admit it.


  13. RedRocky - "'Citizen's United' simply, more than, offsets the corrosive effects of liberal politicians using public sector unions as money laundering / rent-a-mob operations to the detriment of 'The People'."

    You and others like you are missing the much larger picture. To start, unions make up less than 12% of the entire workforce. Three thirds of money spent by Republicans came from outside the state and out spent Democrats eight to one. It's what Romney did to his adversaries during the Republican primaries, carpet bomb them with untrue negative ads. Second, states using new voter regulation laws target certain groups under the guise of voter fraud. Lastly, those first two issues coupled with the Patriot Act indicates why we lost what we called American democracy to corporations that push to contract warfare. I can not remember in my life time this country not involved in some military conflict somewhere in the world.

    Selective memory, rewriting history and cherry picking policy is one reason why we are in the state we are in. People refuse to look at the much larger picture and how the American people are misled by propaganda. The middle class is definitely in decline and no one seems to care or realise it. They'd rather watch some idiotic "reality show" which is mindless dribble.

  14. Michael,

    I agree. I guess we've moved down from Voodoo Economics in the 1980s to Voodoo Arithmetic today.

  15. Jim,

    For me at least, the following seems to be what we have:

    The R's offer lower taxes but then don't align spending with revenue and that creates debt.

    The D's offer higher taxes on the wealthy and business but then don't align spending with revenue and that creates debt.

    What a terrible choice....


  16. Vernos,

    You correctly point out that a small % of the American labor force is unionized. What you fail to mention is that unions are now concentrated in the public sector and would like to expand there.

    The reason for that is because instead of bargaining with private management, who wants to keep wages and benefits at a level to make large profits, they bargain with elected officals who need their vote and support to get elected and are spending 'someone elses' money.

    I have no problem with unions in the private sector, but they do not belong in the public sector. FDR knew this. George Meany knew this. It is time we realize they were correct.


  17. The Republicans killed the Unions by overiding Trumans veto of the Taft-Hartley Act. This is just the end of a tough road for the last best hope. Welcome to the great depression 2

  18. Michael,

    I'm aware of union membership statistics. I should have clarified my comment.

    My point being, Wisconsin is an example of what to expect in future elections. For example, the bulk of Democratic donors are thousands of small contributions by individuals, while Republican superpacs have few donors contributing millions of dollars. Which is why I voiced an opinion two years ago when the SCOTUS allowed Citizens United.

    If Romney wins the election what will these people want in return for their millions? Quid quo pro.

    Vernos Branco, Las Vegas
    Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 | 2:03 a.m.

    The decision by the conservative members of the Supreme Court to allow corporations to act as individuals has started the ball rolling. The ban that outlawed corporations from funding political campaigns, a ban with origins dating back more than 100 years, has been overturned.

    Corporations will be allowed to pump as much money needed to fund any campaign they deem necessary. I can visualize corporate board meetings dropping the business of the day to decide which political entity they will endorse. Foreign companies based in the United States can, in essence, influence the outcome of political decisions. We can kiss democracy as we know it goodbye.

    Imagine our political leaders wearing corporate logos when doing business in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Many years ago, James Caan starred in a movie where a game was played to decide which corporation would rule that year. That movie potentially had a truthful foundation -- welcome to the world of "Rollerball."

  19. <<Compare that to what's his name, FORMER governor of Illinois selling a Senate seat, now incarcerated>>

    Roselenda: He did not sell the Senate seat, he TRIED to sell it, among other illegal things. I'm not sticking up for the jerk. He is THE biggest embarrassment to the State of Illinois EVER.

    <<The fact that compensation and benefits for government workers was way out of line compared to the private sector.

    The fact that the costs of the public sector workers was so high that either cut in services or higher taxes were the only remedies available unless these costs were reduced>>

    The day after this recall election, our local paper had an editorial published directly to the Governor of lllinois basically stating: "Gov Quinn - take note. Maybe it's time you do the same here in Illinois with the gov't employee unions". The State took one baby step by passing legislation (unanimously btw) that the tax payers will no longer foot the bill for retired gov't employees health insurance; the retirees have to pony up their own money from now on. That alone is going to save the State billions of dollars. Illinois was the ONLY State that did this - pay for the health insurance. Then we wonder why.....

    I don't agree that Walker winning the recall election will have that much of an effect on Obama's re-election. Probably not much at all. This is more a "state level" thing than a national thing. And heck - it's JUST Wisconsin!! What this recall election did do was shine a light on ONE governor from ONE State to show he had the cajones to stand up to the gov't unions. Every State is in the crapper because of these benefits the gov't employees and retired employees are getting and hopefully other State governors will follow suit and have the courage to do something about it to save their respective States money. So all you Romney Worshippers shouldn't get too excited just yet.

  20. Rocky you fail to mention that a Rich Republican named Martin was Speaker in 1947. I guess half truths is about all I can expect from corporatists

  21. Heeman your not even half right in the Senate,1947, the Republcans had the majority. Did you just make that vote count up ?

  22. Unions are making there last gasps for any influence. The power is exclusively rapacious multinational and corporate. It's hard to have hope. The truth will set you free. The convervative candidate and a lot of posters here have to resort to lying to support their positions.We unionists and liberals don't have to live a lie. Thank God

  23. RedRocky - "Pathetic, but expected from an empty-suit like 'Barack Kardashian", lol!!"

    Pathetic is aping and mimicking the Fox talking heads. Nothing original flows through that mind?

    Quoting Roger Ailes in a memo to Richard Nixon entitled "A Plan for Putting the GOP on TV News."

    "Today television news is watched more often than people read newspapers, than people listen to the radio, than people read or gather any other form of communication. The reason: People are lazy. With television you just sit--watch--listen. The thinking is done for you."

    "This is a plan that places news of importance to localities (Senators and representatives are newsmakers of importance to their localities) on local television news programs while it is still news. It avoids the censorship, the priorities, and the prejudices of network news selectors and disseminators."

  24. Det__Munch - "Every State is in the crapper because of these benefits the gov't employees and retired employees are getting and hopefully other State governors will follow suit and have the courage to do something about it to save their respective States money."

    Not necessarily so, some states are doing quite well. I found this site that explains which are doing better. Keep in mind the high number of unemployed state and local workers. By the way Wisconsin is near the bottom.

  25. More important for the moment is what happens to Nevada if Romney wins the election.
    Does anyone in their right mind think for one moment that he won't support reopening the Yucca Mountain REPOSITORY. or dump as its known to us.
    One think you can count on is that Mitt Romney changes his positions like the wind. Therefore even if he were to say that he supports keeping Yucca mountain closed does anyone want to believe him?
    A man is only as good as his word and his word is absolutely worthless. All you have to do is listen to all his so called supporters and they will say he is a liar.
    Support him at your own peril.

  26. "Judgement proof." When you reach the point that you don't need to file bankruptcy. You have nothing left for anybody to take. Can we start moving away from this? I guess if we don't the country just implodes.

  27. THE challenge to unions: propose a new contract that is reasonable in all respects. You risk more being without any contract than taking a rational look at the economy's check book. If your membership can't adjust to local-level compensation, let them adjust to unemployment.

  28. HA!!!