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October 23, 2014

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Photo: Bobby Flay celebrates 10 years of his Mesa Grill o
Bobby Flay talks 10th anniversary of Mesa Grill, Las Vegas dining scene
“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished these past 10 years at Caesars Palace,” said Bobby. “Mesa Grill has become not only a stage for me to showcase my love for the Southwest but has become an integral part of Las Vegas.”
Photo: Metro Police vehicles block access to Calico Field
Police shootings produce lots of debate, but researchers know surprisingly little about how to reduce them
Politicians, protesters and TV talking heads have spent lots of time talking about police shootings in the last few months. But the reality is, the nation's top criminal justice experts know very little about what triggers the use of lethal force and how police departments can better ...
Photo: A view of the pool at Oasis at Gold Spike in downt
Downtown Project shows off Oasis boutique hotel
The Downtown Project has entered the hotel business. The $350 million campaign to transform the once-blighted area around East Fremont Street now includes a 44-room boutique hotel ...
Photo: Cast members Thelma Thomas and James Williams are
‘Henri’ plays a powerful melody at the Smith Center
Henri plays the piano, but he is not really a pianist. He used to be. But today he runs his hands across a dining table at an assisted-living facility. ...
Oncologists against margin tax
On behalf of the Nevada Oncology Society, I want to express my concern with the statewide Ballot Question 3, referred to as “The Margin Tax Initiative” or “The Education Initiative.” Nevada Oncology Society is a nonprofit organization representing medical oncologists, surgical oncologists and other oncology specialists who provide cancer care in Nevada.
Ideology of the Dark Ages
I am responding to the Oct. 11 column “Incomplete caricature of Islam” by Nicholas Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times.
How to restart health care reform
Midterm elections are coming, and both parties are lobbing grenades about health care. Despite the furious rhetoric, the two sides are more alike than they realize. Both spent decades pursuing policies that obstruct health care’s capacity to save lives, ease suffering and cut costs. The endless vitriol resembles World War I-style trench warfare. The 2010 Affordable Care Act moved the battle lines a little in one direction; the midterms that year moved them a little in the opposite direction. With divided government, the 2014 elections will move the lines even less.
What energy crisis?
There is something extraordinary happening on Main Street, in the suburban strips and at country stores: Workers are lowering the prices on the signs for gasoline.
Sen. Warren makes the case
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she isn’t running for president. At this rate, however, she may have to.

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